Chickenpox Images, Pictures or Photos of all Stages

Chickenpox Images: Chicken is basically an infection which is caused by a virus which is known as the varicella-zoster, the main targets of this virus are that person who never had through chickenpox or do not get the vaccination for chickenpox in their infant stage you can easily get infected by coming in the contact of such person who is already going through the chickenpox. You can get this disease through the air like when the infected person sneezes or by the direct contact with the rashes or blisters on his body or getting with the contact of fluid from those blisters.

Chickenpox Photos of All Stages

Till the 1980s when there was no vaccination for chickenpox almost all of the people got infected by this virus mostly it affects young children but after the discovery of the vaccine, there has been a great decrease among the cases of chickenpox. Normally, chickenpox is not considered as a very serious illness and gets cured by itself but for some people, it becomes complicated like for –

  • Women who are pregnant
  • Infants from the unvaccinated mother’s
  • Children suffering from leukemia or any other immunity problem
  • People who take steroids
  • Adults who haven’t got the vaccine
  • Adults who did not face chickenpox

So, all these types of people need to contact their doctor immediately if they come in the contact with any chickenpox infected person. Before the rashes appear on the body the chickenpox remain highly contagious, the virus of chickenpox do not show symptoms when it gets into your body the incubation period of the virus is around 10 to 21 days and after that, it started showing symptoms. Let us come to see some of the pictures of the early stages of chickenpox for having an idea about it.

Chickenpox Pictures Early Stages

Now we are going to share some of the images or pictures of the early stages of chickenpox so that you can get an idea about the rashes that are they of chickenpox or not. Just have a look below –

1 .

2 .

3 .

These are some of the images which give you a view of the early stage chickenpox. After getting chickenpox when you recover from the disease the virus does not get completely out of your body it remains in the nerve tissue and this is the reason due to which if you have suffered from chickenpox in past then you will become immune to it.

Although it is not that much big a problem as for getting recovered from chickenpox do not require any medication it gets away on its own with having some precautions. The early symptoms of chickenpox basically include fever, headache, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, itchy rashes, dehydration etc but if you are already vaccinated then it will take you to less prone to the disease or will lessen the severity of these symptoms or disease. If we go deepen about the chickenpox then there are basically three stages of chickenpox through which the patient suffers let us have a brief idea of this disease.

Beginning Stages of Chickenpox

There are normally three stages of chickenpox by which the patient goes through during the illness so, now we are going to get some idea about these three stages, pics of chickenpox and at the time do they occur –

1. Rash or Bumps

The first stage of chickenpox through which a person suffers is the rash or bump stage. The rashes or these small bumps first appear on the face, the inner cavity of your mouth, throat and then after on the scalp, and later on these get spread on all over the body at each part, these rashes rarely appears in the linings of the eyelid. When you got caught by this disease you first see rashes but these rashes do not appear all at once, the new rashes come after 4 days.

If ‘anyone is suffering from chickenpox then we suggest them to avoid any kind of physical contact with babies who have not been suffered from chickenpox in past and from the pregnant ladies. So, stay in your room comfortably till the rashes appear and they turn into blisters and then shed off for avoiding the spread of disease.

rash and bumps

2. Blisters

The second stage of chickenpox is known as the blisters which come after the first stage of rash, these small rashes or bumps later convert into the blister after one or two days of the first appearance which are completely filled up with a fluid under the thin covering of skin. If these bumps occur in the mouth or throat and convert into blisters then it becomes very difficult to eat or drink at that situation and it is very necessary that your body remains hydrated at the time of disease.


3. Scabs

The third and last stage of chickenpox is known as the scab it forms when the blisters get to dry off and crust gets thick and brown colored, as this is the last stage and your body is now getting recovered from the disease under this covering the work my the body is on progress like the repairing of blood vessels, formation of new cells of the skin and much more. The main function of this scab is to protect the work of healing wound if you remove any premature scab then it will stop the healing process and some other important functions which will become the problem for you and can also cause permanent scars on your body.

So, these were all their stages of chickenpox please take care of during the disease as a small mistake or carelessness can cause a problem for you, though it is not a very serious problem it can become complicated if you do not take proper care.

Chickenpox Images

This image is showing you some of the rashes which will appear on the first day at the chickenpox.

Chicken Pox Rash Pictures Early Stages

As we told you earlier that there are total three stages of chickenpox Rash, blisters, scabs, and Rash is the beginning stage of chickenpox. Sometimes we get confused with the normal rashes or with the rash of chickenpox so we are providing you an image of the beginning stage of chickenpox for your identification.

What Does Chicken Pox Look Like?

Everyone has this question in their mind that what does chicken pox normally or at the starting look like let us told you the answer to it , in the starting the chicken pox looks like you are having a cold with running nose, sneeze, fever headache, etc but after 1 or 2 days you will be able to see some of the rashes on your body which is the first stage of chicken pox behind your ear, on neck, nose, face or chest and later on they spread out to all over the body very quickly.

Chicken Pox Images, Photographs

As we are talking about chickenpox for completely understanding this disease only reading is not enough you need to look at every stage of chickenpox. So here we are going to provide you some of the images of Chickenpox day by day for your better understanding.

Day – 1

The first spot arrives it is not necessary that it will beta the back of ear, you can see the spot anywhere on your body.

Day – 2

Day – 3 :

Another Day – 4 :


Next-Day – 5 :


The blisters started to turn into scabs.

Day – 6 :


Day – 7 :


Still scabbing continue.

Day – 8 :


Spots are getting cleared from the stomach.

Day – 10 :


The first appeared spot is still here.

Day – 11 :

Spots are slowly getting to fade away.

Day – 14 :


So, finally, most of the spots got fade away.

Chicken Pox Photos

These are all images with day wise appearance of spots from the beginning to the end of chickenpox. Although the duration of chickenpox is 4 to 6 days and after that only the spots get to remain. It is getting fade away slowly.


  1. i just catch chicken on the 7th and all now its stil there and its almost a month now my skin looks horrible i cant even wear shorts no more what should i do

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