Chicken Pox Prevention & Treatment, Remedies

Everyone says that prevention is better than cure so today we are going to tell you about the Chickenpox prevention and treatment which can be taken by you. The best way by which you can prevent chickenpox infection in your body is to get vaccinated against it. As, the chicken pox is created by a virus called varicella zoster which infects your body and creates rashes which later turns into bluster and got spread on your entire body.

So, for being prevented you can take a vaccine which is available for all age types either your are children, adolescent or an adult you are needed to take two doses of chickenpox vaccine. Although , the vaccinated person do not get infected by the chicken pox in any case if happens then it do not complicated and usually rains mild with least red spots or blisters, having the mild fever or sometimes do not get fever. So, with help of this vaccine of chicken pox, you can save yourself in advance from any kind of complications or severity due to the chicken pox in almost all of the cases. So, the first kind of prevention that you can take is vaccine now another prevention which you can get is,If any person is suffering from chicken pox then all of the below-mentioned people should remain away or take proper care and guide against it.

1 . A person who never has been infected through chickenpox in their lifetime and even do not got vaccinated against it should always remain away from the person who is suffering from chicken pox.

2 . Pregnant women and specially those who are not vaccinated against chicken pox disease should be away from the patient for safety of herself and unborn.

3 . Those person who are having weak immune system and this can be due to any reason either a disease or medication or it can also be natural like ;

* Patients who are already suffering from HIV or any other cancer.

* Patients who have recently got any transplant like the organ transplant or bone marrow transplant.

* Those people who are having chemotherapy or taking immunosuppressive medicines.

* The persons who are using steroid for a long time.


All these above mentioned people should remain away from a chickenpox infected patient as it gets spread due to the direct or indirect contact so, it is much better to take proper prevention in advance if you do not want your life at risk. So , this was all about prevention which you should take while you are prone to virus or in the exposure of it now , we will be going to talk about treatments which one can have if by any chance they got chicken pox through any means. So , let us come to know about some of the treatments which one can take if you got the infection at any stage of your life. As it is always said that chicken pox is not a very serious problem so you can also take the treatment of it at your home by using several home remedies which are available at your home like using neem leaves, eating a healthy diet which will help you in getting recovered from the disease rapidly.

As , it do not cause nay complications normally but sometimes it happens that your body got some extra bacterial infection in their blisters which can lead to complications and these are very serious as they can harm your brain , liver or even can cause death if the complications rise. So , in the case of complications you need medication only this can help in treating you , so for getting aware of any kind of complication be aware in advance and contact your doctor immediately if required.

Chicken Pox Treatment in Adults

Chicken pox is normally a very common disease which got cured in around five to ten days if it is mild but if you are an adult then chicken pox can lead to complications specially in those who are having a weak immune system as they can develop different kinds of skin infections, pneumonia , encephalitis which is generally known as swelling of brain, inflammation in joints, shingles ( which occurs at the old age ) when it goes on to the complications. So tell vaccination against chicken pox is the best treatment of it for adults.

Normally, first of all the doctor diagnoses the symptoms and rashes and confirm that is it chicken pox or not and when it gets confirmed then the treatment for it begins. The first step fir adults in the journey of treatment is self care they require to take proper care of themselves specially their food habits and drink more water. When the chicken pox get severe in adults then doctors prescribe a medicine to them which is known as acyclovir, this is only given when any complicated situation occurs. If you know that you have enough been vaccinated against chicken pox then you can take acyclovir with in the 24 hours of the appearance of rashes of chicken pox on your body which will prevent you from getting any further complications as it is the best effective medication till now. As we told you earlier that the best treatment for the adult if exposed to chicken pox is getting the varicella vaccine , this vaccine is normally given to the adult at the stage of 3 days or lastly up to 5 days after the exposure to chicken pox as this vaccine will reduce the severe symptoms up to a very great extent level and will help you in getting no more complications. If you will not get cured or vaccinated on time then you can lead to the following complications in chicken pox :

* Infection in the skin or your soft tissues of the body.

* Pneumonia which is termed as more severe symptoms in adults.

* Infection in bones which is known as osteomyelitis

* Infection in your joints which is generally known as arthritis

* Toxic shock syndrome

* Encephalitis which is commonly known as the sweeping or infection of brain

* Problems with bleeding

* Cerebellar ataxia


So , if you do not want to lead for these severe complications then take proper treatment on correct time before it is too late , you can also try home remedies which will also help you in getting relief from chicken pox.

Chicken Pox Treatment for Itching

When you got infected by the virus of chicken pox the first thing that appears on your body are rashes which later converts into blisters all this can be bearable but the main problem which comes is itchiness of these rashes or blisters. When you develop them on your body they start itching which troubles the patient a lot and everyone wants to get some relief from it. So , now we are going to tell you some of the home remedies which will be going to help you a lot in lowering down this level of itching and will surely give you relief at great extent , let us have a look over them :

1. Baking soda – It is a typical ingredient which is generally found in every kitchen and helps in making a control over itching or irritation which caused to you from chicken pox. If you also wanted to use baking soda for getting relief from itching then follow this step :

* You should take a glass full of water and now you just have to add a half tablespoon of baking soda in it now stir the solution continuously for dissolving baking soda into water , after preparing the solution you are needed to take a soft or cotton cloth with help of which simply apply this solution gently on your body wherever your body is affected and itching most , now let it dry for some time.

2. Indian lilac ( neem ) – Indian Liliac which is commonly known as neem , it is the best medicine which will help you in getting rid of the itching of these rashes or blisters at a high rate. The neem is also known as margosa in some regions which also acts as an antiviral and will prevent you from getting any further infection. You can simply use the fresh leaves of neems and crush them by making a paste now apply this paste on the affected part which is itching you more or where ever you want on your blisters or rashes , you can also use the neem leaves in your warm water bath it will also help in getting any further skin infection.

3. Oatmeal bath – This is another home remedy which can be used by you for getting rid from the severe itching caused by blisters of chicken pox. It is the most popular one and most preferred for using it you need to follow this procedure :

* For this you need to first take 2 cups of grinded oat meal and then make a powder of it which should be fine after making powder you are needed you to add 2 litre of lukewarm water into this powder of oat meal and then just get soak in this water bath for around 15 – 20 minutes it will provide you relief from the itching.

So , these above mentioned are some of the most used, popular and effective home remedies which will provide you a high amount of relief from the non bearable itching which is caused during chicken pox and will make your life easier and prevent your body from several other infections also which can even lead to the complications.

Chicken Pox Treatment for Babies

In babies chicken pox is generally mild and do not get any complications in most of the cases but the children or babies who are suffering from chicken pox require treatment just only to get some relief from its symptoms like itching, irritation etc. For getting rid from itching or making a sigh a relief you can simply soak the gauze pads in the solution of baking soda and simply apply it on the blisters or sores. You can also use the calamine lotion on the skin for getting relief from itching. You should just make sure that you do not give aspirin to your child as it will get your child into severe problem.

How to Cure Chicken Pox Scars

If in any case either accidentally or during itching when you scratch your bristles then at those places you got scars even after the chicken pox has gone and these scars looks very bad on our body specially on face , neck or hands. So, we are going to share home remedies which will help you in treating your scars which has been caused due to the chicken pox :

1. Lemon juice

Lemon juice is Rich in Vitamin C which helps your skin to glow and fades the scars from your skin so for applying lemon juice you can directly take some juice in cotton and apply it on your scars and then leave it for 10 minutes and rinse off. Repeat this method according to your own use but make sure that regular use of lemon on skin can make your skin photosensitive so when ever you go out in sunlight cover your skin properly.

2. Baking soda 

Baking soda not only helps you in getting rid from itching it also helps you in removing scars from your sin so , in this case you need to take around 2 tablespoons of baking soda and add some water in to it , now use it as scrub and rub this paste on your body for around 1 or 2 minutes and then rinse it off with water. This will help you a lot in removing or fading the scars from skin.

3. Aloe vera gel

We all are very well aware that aloe vera is the best thing for skin and will help your skin to feel fresh and glowing as it also acts as a inflammatory and also removes the dead cells from your skin by keeping it moisturized and helps in removing scars from body for this you just need to apply aloe vera gel directly on your scars and gently massage it , now repeat this process for around 3 to 4 times in whole day and leave it to dry.

So , by using these methods you can easily fade or remove your scars which has been caused by the chicken pox.

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