Diet for Chicken Pox | Food to Eat & to Avoid in Chicken Pox

Chickenpox is a normal disease which is caused by the infection due to a virus called varicella zoster. In chicken box the rashes occurs on all over body which later turns into blisters which are painful and filled with liquid. When the virus first enters in your body it takes around 10 to 21 days in the exposure. As we all know that in every disease or infection we are said to eat healthily and properly so today in this article we are going to tell you that what should you eat while suffering from chicken pox.

Diet for Chicken Pox


As we know that chicken pox is not a major issue as it do not require any doctor for its treatment and every kid or adult faces the problem of chicken pox once in their lifetime. Although it gets cured on its own but in most of the cases the person after having chicken pox do not recover easily and healthy and this is all due to the bad diet therefore , now we are going to tell you the proper diet which you should taken during or after the chicken pox. Mostly everyone got scared when they first see some of the symptoms of chicken pox on their body , do not get stressed but we suggest you to avoid the food which slows down the healing process of chicken pox and increases the amount of itching on your body. Before you starts to follow a diet plan you should be aware about some of the essential vitamins and nutrients which are required to take for the patient.

Essential nutrients which are needed by the patient of chicken pox

There are different amount and types of nutrient which should be added in the duet of a chicken box patient some of them are –


1 . Vitamin A : The vitamin A is very essential for your body as it helps in healing of your scars from the skin. Green vegetables and fruits are telling rich source of vitamin A.


2 . Zinc : Our body do not require the large amount of zinc but it is important while you are infected with chicken pox as it increases the immune system of patient and helps in improving the problem of loss of appetite. Corns , beans , soup of brown mushroom , roasted seeds of pumpkin , asparagus are the rich source of zinc which should be involved in the diet chart of patient.


3 . Calcium and magnesium: When you are having chicken pox you might get affected by the restlessness and irregular sleeping patterns and from getting rid of this problem you need to have proper intake of calcium and magnesium. Beans , Soy milk , whole grain cereal , whole bread wheat are the rich sources of calcium and magnesium.

So for getting the proper amount of these nutrients during chicken pox you should include these foods to your diet plan and get cured easily. You should take proper amount of water , brat diet , broken wheat , take good quantity of fruits , coconut water , curd , boiled Vegetables etc and you will get almost all essential nutrients and vitamins for your body.

Indian diet during chicken pox

As we already said that whenever you got affected by any disease or infection you should take proper diet which is the important part of healing procedure. As , it is said that Indian food is good and most of the people search for Indian food as it is healthy that is why we are going to provide you a list of Indian foods which h you should take at the time of chicken pox –


1 . Brat diet : The brat diet is the most common diet which is easily followed in both India and abroad , brat diet generally includes banana , apple , rice and toast all of the essential nutrients which re required by your body are present in banana. As banana is sweet in taste so it will also give your tongue a better change as die to fever the taste of your mouth becomes bitter.

2 . Broken wheat or wheat rava : This is the ideal breakfast for the patient of chicken pox. For using it follow the below steps :

* First of all take the steam broken wheat or wheat rava.

* Now , put it in the pressure cooker with the 3 time of water with wheat.

* Now , keep it in a airtight container after baking.

* You are able to eat it any time when ever you want and you can also mix it with some milk sugar or curd for good taste and better digestion.

* You can also try the broken wheat as it also contains the micro nutrients and fibre which are necessary , you can also make upma with help of the wheat rava by simply steaming and adding the finely chopped Vegetables into it like as carrot , tomatoes or capsicum.

3 . Take good quantity of fruits : At the time of chicken pox you should also increase you fruit intake amount as it will help your body in fighting from the virus and kill it. You should go for some soft fruits like as banana , melons , grapes , apples etc. As , sometimes you can also get the blisters in your mouth so at that time it becomes difficult to eat in such situation you can also make juice of these fruits and drink it.

4 . Boiled Vegetables : If you are hungry then the boiled Vegetables will be the best food for you as it do not require any oil while cooking you can simply take boiled cabbage , carrot , potato , beans , sweet potato etc or can also take the Vegetable soup.

5 . Ragi : Ragi is a fine Miller which is filled up with the calcium and fibre and it is hypoglycemic in nature so you can also take some ragi flour and use it for making dosa , ragi porridge, ragi idli , ragi balls , ragi malt without using any oil.

Best food for chicken pox

So , as we are talking about foods then how can we lack behind we all wants to get cured as early as possible and in this a healthy diet play a very important role. If you also wanted to know that which food is best to take at the time of chicken pox then you are at right place. We will end going to tell you that what are the best foods and which will help you in getting cured sooner. In this article above we have provided you a list of foods which are essential for your body so , these above mentioned 5 foods are the best foods to have when you are suffering from chicken pox as these foods will not only cure your hunger instead they will also help your body to get heal faster and make you healthy. But these foods are not enough with these above mentioned food you should also take the following :

1. Take proper amount of water

When we gets infected by the virus of chicken pox first of all our body gets dehydrated and in this condition it becomes very necessary to take proper amount of water for keeping your body hydrated and healthy. So , you should try to consume as much as water you can and you must be sure that you are taking a properly boiled and cool down water and you should not share your glass or bottle with any healthy person as it will keep them in danger.

2. Take tender coconut water

When you wake up in morning you should try to take a glass full of tender coconut water as it contain lots of minerals and vitamins in it with zero calories which will keep your body cool and help in increasing the capacity of your immune system and maintains the acidity level of your stomach.

3. Curd

Curd is very helpful as it will help your skin to get healed properly and also contain a good amount of calcium and probiotics. So , we suggest you to take a cup of curd in a day.

Best diet after Chickenpox

There are many people who are still curious after the chicken pox is gone and this is good as our body is still not healthy and in the mode of healing so you needs to take the proper diet for some time after your chicken pox is not present any more. You can simply take the normal diet but you should make sure that do not take large amount of salt or anything cold and should consume plenty of liquid things like water , soup , juice etc and as you the symptoms are not any more but still there is infection which remains in your body so you should avoid any contact with the other person and children specially those who do not get vaccinated against chicken pox.

Foods to avoid during Chicken Pox

Till now we only told you that what should you eat while you re infected with chicken pox but simultaneously you should be also careful what not to eat during the infection. So , now we are going to tell you that which food you should avoid as it will slow down the healing procedure of your body so avoid these foods completely till you get cured properly :

1. Saturate foods rich in fat

Those foods which contain saturated fats like as meat , dairy products etc should be avoided because these foods can cause inflammation , make your rash worse and slow down the healing process.

2. Citrus fruit

It is very common that at the time of chicken pox blisters also develop in you mouth and throat so you should take care that do not consume any citrus fruit or juice as this can cause irritation and will delay the healing processing resulting in intense pain.

3. Spicy and salty foods

If you take the spicy or salty food at the time of chicken pox then it can cause the irritation to sores in your mouth and throat so you avaoid all these kind of foods like salty chicken broth , any soup which is having pepper or spicy seasoning or vegetable blended soups.

4. Sources of Arginine

Arginine is a kind of amino acid which will promote the growth of virus in your body on it’s intake and which can lead to complications and make your disease more serious and long lasting so , you needs to strongly avoid any food which contain arginine like seeds , peanuts , raisins , peanut butter , chocolate , tree nuts etc.

5. Trans Fat

Trans Fat is a man made fat which is contained by several food items which can lead to the heart disease and increase the complications of disease but causing irritation and inflammation so you should avoid all of these kind of foods like as bread , cookies , cereals , chips , crackers etc.

Frequently Asked questions ( FAQ’s )


Ques – 1 : Can I eat chicken after having chicken pox ?

Ans – 1 : You should avoid eating chicken during or recently after the recovery from chicken pox as your body is not much healthy and your digestive system is weak so it can not digest it properly but if you think that your body will digest it , then you can have the one with low spices and salts after some days of getting recovered from chicken pox.


Ques – 2 : Can we eat Ice cream during chicken pox ?

Ans – 2 : No , as the ice cream contains saturated fat which is not good for your body at the time of chicken pox and it will slow down the healing process of your body.


Ques – 3 : Can we drink milk during chicken pox ?

Ans – 3 : Yes , you can take milk during during chicken pox as it will provide the important vitamins and minerals to your body which will help in the healing procedure.


Ques – 4 : Can we eat Mango during chicken pox ?

Ans – 4 : As mango is a fruit which contain a high amount of fructose and which is not easy to be digested so we suggest you to avoid the consumption of Mango.

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