Chickenpox Symptoms in Child | Causes and Previsions

Chickenpox is caused by the varicella-zoster virus. Chickenpox in Children is not a very major thing and in every person’s life, he or she would suffer from this disease. Nowadays, vaccinations are available so that your children would be protected from the disease.

chicken pox symptoms

There are a lot of ways by which this disease can be spread, all of these are listed below:

  • If you come in direct contact with someone who has chickenpox.
  • sneezing and coughing
  • If you come in direct contact with someone who has shingles.

The symptoms of this are can not be detected until 2-3 weeks of infection. After some weeks, the symptoms are much visible and are can be seen.Chicken Pox Symptoms

It starts with general fatigue and fever also with swollen glands. After 2-3 days pass, the rashes will start to be seen. Formerly, the rashes start to seen red like spots then they start to become crops of small blisters.

It can be at any place of your body such as, on your chest, or on the tummy, or on the back, or it also can affect your face. These are just initial stages, soon these blisters start to appear all over the body and ever cover your mouth and ear area.

Children can not control themselves by scratching but scratching these blisters will lead to life long scars. So please prohibit your child from scratching these blisters unless there will be a sign a bad memory for life long.

This disease mostly affects newborn babies, children with low immunity, children with cancer, and children who are taking immunosuppressants in high doses.
Generally seen that infants are affected by this the most so the mothers should be extra careful around their babies and try to be as clean as possible.

Another important thing, make sure you go to the doctor and take the medications properly as prescribed by the doctor. Pregnant women with high fever should also see the doctor as it can be risky for her and the baby.

Going to the doctor will not cure your problem but the medicines will reduce the itchiness and fever.

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