How To Care of Chicken Pox Treatment For Kids

Chicken Pox treatment for kids caused by varicella virus is a very common disease among children. It is a very contagious and viral disease that causes itchy rashes all over the body. It usually starts with rashes, fever, sore throat and stomach ache. Such a system may last for a few days with a fever between 101-103 degree Fahrenheit.

The red or pinkish itchy skin rash usually starts on the back or abdomen and face and then spread almost everywhere on the body including mouth, scalp, leg, arms and genitals. The rashes are the red colour bumps that look like insect bites or pimples. They initially look like a wave and then turn into fluid-filled blisters. The blister then breaks and leave the sores open.

Chicken Pox Treatment For Kids

When a person gets affected by chicken pox once they get immune to this disease, it is very rare to get this disease again. Chickenpox treatment can be done easily at home.

Chicken Pox Treatment For Child

Chicken Pox Treatment For Child

To take care of children suffering from chicken pox, a dermatologist recommends the following tips;

  • Keep your child at home and away from other people. As it is a contagious disease, try to limit the exposure to other people until the chicken pox blister turns into a scab and no blister is left on the body.
  • Give your child a colloidal oatmeal bath, it is available at every medical store. Add oatmeal into the lukewarm water and take bath.
  • Apply topical ointment after bathing, like petroleum jelly, calamine lotion, or any other fragrance-free lotion. Avoid using antibiotics as they can cause an allergic reaction.
  • Try to relieve fever, use acetomenaphin.
  • Try to Relieve itchiness 

Chicken Pox Treatment For Toddlers

Chicken Pox Treatment For Toddlers

Treating chicken pox of toddlers and chicken pox in babies under 3, 4 & 6 months could be difficult. Keep your child hydrated all the day, give them a bath at short intervals, trim their fingernails short so that they do not scratch the blisters.

Chicken Pox In Babies Pictures

These are the pictures of chicken pox in babies. If you notice such rashes on the body of your baby then you must consult a doctor as your child may be suffering from chicken pox.

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