Chicken Pox Symptoms, Signs, Causes and Complications

Chickenpox is basically a viral infection which is caused by a virus varicella zoster which in result causes small rash and blisters which are filled with a fluid and leads to itchiness or irritation. Those people who do not get infected by chicken pox or do not get vaccinated against it in their lifetime are […]

Chicken Pox Stages Pictures, Photos, Images

Chicken is basically an infection which is caused by a virus which is known as the varicella zoster , the main targets of this virus are that person who never had through chicken pox or do not get the vaccination for chicken pox in their infant stage you can easily get infected by coming in […]

Top 10 Home Remedies for Natural Chicken Pox Treatment [Cure]

Chicken pox is a disease by which everyone got infected once in their life it is generally caused by the virus named as varicella zoster. This is a communicable disease which gets spread very early if there is any contact with the patient to the healthy person with it is direct contact or indirect contact. […]